Adam BradleyActor

I’m a proud nerd and a closeted jock. I’m the guy who leads by example, who makes every team he’s on better, who takes his work seriously, but not himself. I’m an ethical alpha, a change agent, an irreverent advocate. Like a more serious Paul Rudd, or a friendlier Benedict Cumberbatch.

I fell in love with acting because it combines the intellectual, the physical, and the spiritual. The things that drive me as an actor are the same things that drove me into philosophy, into photography, and into sports: to explore what it means to be human, to see the world through someone else’s eyes, to work with a team of passionate people to make something complex and beautiful. These days I follow the same drives: I keep my brain engaged by diving deep into national security law podcasts and bloggers; I keep my body happy with stunt classes; and I keep my spirit fulfilled by making volunteer visits for a hospice organization.

Oh, and I have a newborn son. He’s pretty awesome too.