Adam GriffithActor

Born and raised in San Jose, California, when college time came, Adam moved across the country to study Acting at Hofstra Univerisity. While earning his BFA he became well versed in both classic and contemporary styles of acting, voice and speech, dialects, film acting, and various movement based performance styles (mask, red nose clown, stage combat, and biomechanics of acting). Being a musician (piano/tenor sax) Adam also found himself being the go-to student music director and was heavily involved in the student theatre scene.

Upon graduation, Adam was approached by Ed Eleftarian, his former teacher and founder of Rabbit Hole Ensemble in Brooklyn, NY, and was offered a role in the workshop production of “Alone”, a play inspired by the life and work of August Strindberg. The workshop was previewed at BAX and eventually, after further development, premiered at The Workshop Theater in Midtown Manhattan. Once “Alone” closed Adam booked a few short student films and a pilot produced by Next Media Studios LLC.

Currently residing in Queens, Adam studies closely with Heidi Marshall (film), Michael Pesce (vocal performance) and The Barrow Group (Lee Brock, Jean E. Taylor). In addition to consistently taking classes, Adam is constantly creating new projects with close friends and colleagues… this includes, but is not limited to choreographed tomfoolery with knives and stabbing weapons.