Billy Thomas MyottActor

Billy Thomas Myott is an American actor, born on June 17, 1994 in upstate New York. His mother was the head of drama department in his school growing up. So Billy began acting at a very young age and continued throughout school, he did theatre and musicals. He was also very active as well, he did parkour, tennis, basketball, and was captain of the soccer team. He knew from a very young age that his dream was to be in films and on TV. 
When he went to college he decided to play intramural sports instead of playing for the school team, he wanted to focus on his craft of acting. He became very invested and passionate about the craft and took many acting classes in college as well as some acting workshops outside of school. While in college he auditioned for his first indie film called Home for the lead role of Breck Chambers. After a few weeks of waiting Billy got a call telling him he got the part. After finishing his first film Billy knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 
He continued to audition for anything he could get his hands on. He built up his resume getting lead, supporting and day player roles. Occasionally Billy would work stand-in on films to get a better knowledge of what everyone’s part was in the production. It was after he had worked on James Franco’s The Pretenders as a stand-in he joined SAG-AFTRA, and new doors began to open for him.