Celey SchumerActor

Celey Schumer is an actress, writer, and comedian. Sometimes all at once. Born & raised in a small Vermont town where the cows outnumbered the people; she grew up tapping trees to make her own maple syrup, using trees conveniently felled during blizzards to make her own forts, and playing ice hockey. She also worked in the local movie theatre (the family business) and the experience of watching people watch movies cultivated her love of acting and film.

Celey attended Middlebury college where she joint majored in physics and studio art, intending to put these degrees toward a career in engineering. She did eventually earn a Masters in Structural Engineering from The University of Washington, but by that time, performing had sunk its claws in too deeply.

In addition to her film and TV work, Celey performs improv and stand up all over New York City. She also hosts a podcast in which she and her guests dissect their favorite childhood movies as the jaded adults they’ve become. She is an excellent (but sort of mean) cook. She is (not at all secretly) very afraid of the zombie apocalypse.