Denisa JuhosActor

Denisa Juhos is an NYC based Actor.
She is Hungarian nationality but was born in Bratislava, Slovakia.
While growing up in the Socialistic system as the daughter of Slovak / Hungarian Businessman Ladislav Juhos and Elisabeth Juhos who is a lung-cancer survivor and Ex – Bank Employee, she was one of the first children who received video cassettes of American movies thanks to her aunt who started to work for a company which delivered the first US movies to her country.

At the age of 10 her parents sent her to Austria to school where she remained until the age of 18 and spent 4 years taking Opera – singing classes during her high school year in Vienna. After the years in Vienna, Denisa moved to London where she spent three years to improve her english language. At 21 she returned to Slovakia to attend University and she entered the family business.

Thanks to the fact that she has been traveling a lot and lived in countries such as Austria, England and China, she speaks 4 languages fluently and another 2 communicative. Denisa graduated from City University of Seattle in Business and Management.

She always kept her love for acting and studied Stanislavski and Strasberg method but when moving to New York she decided to study Meisner
Denisa believes that it is dry important to study all life because as it is known once you stop learning you stop dying.

She was very fortunate to appear in films with Ben Stiller, James Franco, Cate Blanchett. Currently she filmed and booked a speaking part in Onur Tukel’s ‘’ The Misogynist’’ and she is especially proud of her role in the documentary about Madonna’s pre fame life ‘’ Emmy And The Breakfast Club’’ where she portrays her mother.