Derek DimirActor

Born on July 8th, 1995 in Riverside, California. At the age of 6, Derek moved to Bratislava, Slovakia, where he grew up and where his ambition for Acting and Art began. At age 10, Derek starred in “Bathory” along side Anna Friel and Vincent Regan, which quickly became one of the most successful Films in Eastern Europe. Shortly after that, he joined the ‘Biele Divadlo’ Theatre Company.
At the age of 16, Derek left home and moved to Australia where he graduated High School. At age 18, Derek moved to Prague, Czech Republic, to further pursue his career. There, he appeared in several films as well as plays.
In 2014, Derek moved to Los Angeles, where he attended Playhouse West studying under Robert Carnegie where he nurtured himself as an Artist as well as a man. In 2017, Derek moved to New York City where he now resides. Derek speaks English, Slovak, and German. Derek is also a Painter, a Poet, a Writer, as well as a Musician.