Kerry LoganActor

Kerry Logan grew up in the suburbs of New York where she first found her voice on stage; transforming from a shy, quiet, child into someone poised and brave when the lights came up. Her high school performed eight shows a year, including one-act festivals, student written projects, Shakespeare, an interactive murder mystery, a comedy show, and more. This gave Kerry the opportunity to perform as a new character almost monthly, as well as learn all the other aspects of theatrical production. After rehearsals Kerry would design the set and build it with her classmates, sell ad space in the program to local businesses, source props, make costumes, hang lights and put up billboards. Despite a heavy extra-curricular schedule, Kerry (and her parents) made sure she always did her best at her schoolwork. At graduation, Kerry was given the award for Overall Excellence in Foreign Language for her performance in Spanish and American Sign Language.

After high school, Kerry continued her interest in languages by studying French and Italian at Stony Brook University. She sought to gain some life experience and chose to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester. There she became conversational in Italian and studied Art History and Italian cooking, to the benefit of her friends and family. Kerry returned to New York, after a life changing four months in Italy, with a strong thirst to live an interesting life that would take her to all the beautiful corners of the earth. Kerry brought home fresh enthusiasm for acting that she harnessed while studying the Meisner and Michael Chekhov techniques at Stony Brook University. At the time she was cast as “The Woman” in Will Eno’s, The Flu Season. This particular role required an extraordinary amount of vulnerability that might not have been touched without her practice of the Meisner technique. For this character’s journey, Kerry drew back the layers of self defense, letting in the moments of true love and the struggle to cope with devastation and loss; transforming once again. Kerry earned the Award for Demonstrating Outstanding Career Promise from the university theatre department.

Since graduating college, Kerry has endeavored to put her considerable energies, the knowledge gleaned from her favorite school subjects, and life lessons into carving out a career path through the wild and tangled New York City jungle. Kerry has produced, directed and acted in staged shows, acted on film, and started working on TV sets through the IASTE Local 52 union; once again, staying late to work on the set, just like in high school. Working on a TV set everyday has the powerful effect of making that big time set feel like home. Working for the Local 52 union has given Kerry a deeper understanding of what goes into making thirty seconds of TV while putting her right amidst the action. Kerry is looking forward to taking that next, great step with Encompass Arts. She is so grateful to be a part of the team and for her friends and family who supported her getting there. She is thrilled to be embarking on the next leg of her journey, forever curious and amazed by what happens next.