Kutcha was born in Seoul South Korea. Being an army brat, he lived in many parts of the country. His father would play jazz selections on the piano when not serving. Years later, he discovered his mother was in a local band as a lead singer in her day. This sparked the pursuit of his dream of becoming an actor.

Arriving in New York to seek out his dream. He found himself in a Full-time position as a Graphic Designer to survive while pursuing his passion. One day he realized that the mix of a Full-time position and the pursuit of being an actor was a challenging mix. In the following weeks that came, he resigned from his position and took the dive to be the Full-time actor he came to New York to be.

Not having a plan “B” was like walking against a swarm of Mosquitos he said. Soon, he began to pick up momentum and found himself booked on L&O Criminal Intent and All My Children where he appeared as a recurring character. Two of his highlights of his career thus far were when he was cast as Herc the Skin Head in the indie feature Across Dot. Ave. that won two film festival awards RealHeArt Intl. film award and Boston Intl. film award and Interpol Agent Maxwell in Lord of War with Nicolas Cage and Ethan Hawk. Committed to his craft, Kutcha continues his pursuit for his next role, one that challenges and inspires.