Maggie PolitiActor

Maggie is a NYC based actor, singer, voice over artist, & producer. She’s the co-founder of NikoFrank Productions where she creates, writes, & produces comedic short films & is a pioneer for women who write, direct & act. She’s worked all over the U.S. in musical theatre & has extensive improv training & comedic writing skills. Her work has been official selections in over 18 International film festivals & she won the Berlin Flash Film Festival in the Super Short Comedy Category (2017). Her face & voice have appeared in several national commercials including the Swedish Fish campaign, Old Bay Seasoning, & Dance Moms. She majored in Musical Theatre at Catholic University of America & studied abroad at the London Dramatic Academy.

Maggie is originally from Lake Placid, NY. She grew up with a passion for downhill skiing & competed in Slalom & G.S with NYSEF until the age of 15. She loves the outdoors, eating Cadbury Cream Eggs, reading her Virgo horoscope, & saying the alphabet backwards faster than you can say it forwards.