Randy TroyActor

Randy Troy is an American film actor and screenwriter. He was born and raised in the northwest area of Manhattan known as Inwood and received a BFA from the Pennsylvania State University. He was no stranger to a camera growing up. This was due to his mother, Barbara Troy, always making home movies during his childhood. None the wiser of the subtle seeds being planting. His first foray into the industry came in the late 90’s when a family friend submitted his photo for what would become his first feature role in Autumn In New York (2000). This led to subsequent work in film, theatre, and commercials.

Known for his sardonic wit and various impressions, Randy Troy adds versatility to any genre. Often playing the smartest man in the room, the moral straight man, or even absurd charactery villains. Some of the instructors and coaches he has trained with include Ted Sluberski, Heidi Marshall, Chris Chalk, Jim Parrack, and Charles Dumas. His journey throughout the industry has been colored by on-camera and off-camera work leading to opportunities to work with, for, and learn from industry giants such as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, and Clint Eastwood. His production company, Conviction Studios, LLC. is responsible for his personal projects as well as the vehicle for many music videos he has directed. Randy Troy is represented by Encompass Arts, LLC.