Savannah SteinActor

Savannah Stein grew up in Atlanta, making her a true Georgia peach. Savannah was an only child until the age of 7 and as a result of that she spent most of her days playing alone. Savannah would lock herself in her room for hours playing dress up and creating costumes and scene scenarios for her and her stuffed animals to execute. It was even better once Savannah’s little brother Landen came along because then she had a real life scene partner and could devote herself even more to these elaborate shows. Every day was spent forcing her little brother to dress up with her and to follow the scripts that she so meticulously scribbled onto coloring paper with a crayon. It was this creativity and inherit need and love for acting and being on stage that has fueled Savannah her entire life ad essentially landed her where she is today.

Savannah attended Holy Innocents Episcopal school until the 8th grade. She was a star drama student at Holy Innocents however she was not receiving the high level of training that she had grown to discover she wanted. It was at this point that she decided to look into the local performing arts high school, North Springs drama magnet. She went and saw their spring performance of 42nd street and she was hooked. Not only was the singing and dancing spot on, but Savannah could tell right away that what this school put first was acting. The performances were so believable and so real, Savannah new that this is where she needed to train. For the next four years Savannah attended North Springs high school and it truly created the foundation for the type of performer she is today. Her freshman year she was cast as the understudy to the lead in Bat Boy: the musical which they took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that summer; an experience that Savannah will never forget. Over the course of high school Savannah played bigger roles such as Audrey in Little Shop, Velma Vontussle in Hairspray but also took part in the smaller black box, student directed shows. When it became time to apply to colleges Savannah struggled with whether to apply for musical theatre or straight acting. She had always been strong in both areas but the idea of the acting itself being the most important thing stuck in her mind. Because of her voice and her love for all type of theatre, Savannah decided to apply for musical theatre schools and was ecstatic when she was accepted and offered a very generous scholarship to The Boston conservatory. At the Boston Conservatory Savannah took part in some musicals but it did not take long for her to became known as “the actress” of her musical theatre class. Savannah began studying Shakespeare and couldn’t get enough so the summer after her sophomore year she decided to attend the British American Dramatic Academy in Oxford England; an experience that transformed her both as an actor and a person. Her senior year at The Boston Conservatory she was 1 of 10 students chosen to be in the acting emphasis. Going to school for musical theatre has never been a regret of Savannah’s because it made her discover that while her talent does lie in musical theatre, she also is very talented in film/TV and commercial work. She started auditioning her senior year for local casting directors and worked on multiple student films, commercials and even some feature films that came through the Boston area.

Savannah is now living in NYC continuing to audition. It is her hope that she will not only stick to musical theatre but continue to work in Film/TV, commercials ad even some smaller Shakespeare shows. Her most recent work was on a commercial for Dunkin Donuts, and the feature film Sleight out in LA which can be seen in the Sundance film festival this fall.