Topher HallActor

Topher Hall, a multi-faceted and gifted professional in the performing arts, was born in Wichita, Kansas, and he grew up throughout the Midwest. His work ethic is derived from an upbringing in which his mother worked tirelessly to raise her children on her own, always giving every ounce of herself, and he quickly developed a similar devotion to his family, his spirituality and the craft.

From the moment of landing his very first job as an usher at the Dollar Show Theatre, he possessed a certitude that his future would be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence within the entertainment business. Building on his unique, non-traditional path into the arts, he spent subsequent years diligently dedicated to exploring, learning and training to be the young and hungry professional actor he is today.

His recent performances include lead roles in many indie films, some of which include A Wreckoning, How Envy & Jealousy Killed Love, City of Angels, and Casualties of the State, with many projects submitted to international film festivals and available on streaming platforms.

Naturally gifted and with an innate intensity and unparalleled passion, he acquired a well-deserved reputation for relentless preparation toward the roles he landed. With a powerful drive to breathe life into whatever character he may inhabit, he is a highly focused person who gives his all to every project with which he is tasked. He is known to be a ball of energy in any production while enjoying what he does so much. His drive and competitive edge stem from his participation in track and basketball, and his “leave it all on the table” mentality transfers over to the work. He is highly dedicated to his career due to a burning desire to emotionally impact others across the globe, precisely as he himself has been by great acting legends.