Transatlantic actor/filmmaker Harry Aspinwall grew up in Scotland and has been living in the US for twelve years. At Brown University he studied playwriting (honors) and linguistics, and performed in numerous plays and film projects, giving him both a deep command of character, and expertise in dialects and vocal performance. While at Brown he trained with Trinity Rep professionals in Providence.

One of his first acting roles at seven years old was as a giant alien Christmas pudding space invader from Jupiter in a school play, and ever since then he’s worked hard to develop all kinds of characters, from the fairly mundane to the totally bizarre. His dozens of credits have ranged from action thriller to rom-com to fantasy to sci-fi, and he has a personal passion for history: Before moving to Brooklyn, he supported himself by leading costumed colonial tours through the streets of Boston, in rain or shine or fourteen feet of snow.

These days, as a full time New York actor, you might catch him in a national tech commercial, or dressed in a squirrel costume advertising a ski resort, or acting opposite himself in a music video, or having people executed on the History Channel. He’d love to play a pirate captain or a Bond villain one day. Give him an eccentric character (and maybe a sword), and he’s in.