Niguel–pronounced [NY-juhl]–Quinn is an American actor of diverse talents and all-around human being currently based in NY. Since the beginning of his career, he has amassed a number of film, TV, and other On-camera credits of the sort. With so many different projects under his belt, he has learned how to work on any and all types of sets.

A graduate of Penn State university, where he studied the craft of acting (as well as Japanese 日本語ができるよ!), Niguel was fortunate enough to study under a faculty full of actors working professionally in both NY and LA. Since finishing his degree at university, he has continued to sharpen his skills, taking classes all around New York, The Barrow group and Actor’s Connection to name a few. He uses his down time develop and workshop projects with friends and colleagues as he finds that each experience on-camera or stage can elevate his acting


Thanks to both his academic and professional careers, Niguel has been able to engross himself in the cultures and lifestyles of people from all different parts of the world and hopes to be a figure in Film that can do the same.