Price Troche, a California native, is a singer/songwriter/actor/voiceover talent who studied theatre with an emphasis in dramatic arts at San Francisco State University. After pursuing musical theater in San Francisco, and opening such shows as “Zanna Don’t” (Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle winner and the west coast premiere) and “Boys Will Be Boys” at San Francisco’s prestigious New Conservatory Theater Center, he moved down to Los Angeles to further pursue film and tv. After landing a reoccurring roll in 2 web series (Fabulous High and Southern Suze), beginning his pursuit of voiceover work, and doing promo work for iPhone apps, he then decided to make the big jump to NYC where he currently resides.

Within his first year in NYC, Price has worked on 4 off off broadway productions which consisted of notable works like the “Laramie project” and “What Fools… a midsummer nights dream” He is best known for his work as a singer in the international boyband tribute band Larger Than Life where he has had the opportunity to work alongside names like Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees and both Lance Bass and Joey Fatone of the mega pop group *NSYNC

Price is fully committed to his artistic endeavors and is incredibly excited for what’s to come!