Sheilagh Weymouth is a classically trained, multiple award winning actress, a 1986 graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School for the Theatre, where she proudly and with profound gratitude studied with Mr Sanford Meisner. Sheilagh is also a classically trained singer, a mezzo soprano, with a 4 octave range. Her musicality extends to dance of all genres – except ballet. Please do not ask her Fosse legs to point and turn-out.

Sheilagh performed as a child, took a break, returned as a teen, took a break, returned as a young adult, took a break, returned again as an older adult, took a break and now has returned since 2010 to that which she was born – acting. It’s a pathless path and there are no longer options for breaks. Life obviously agrees with this final choice; her bookings in film, TV, theatre and voiceover haven’t fit on one resume page since 2013.

In addition to being an eclectic and engaging leading lady and character actress who repeatedly is rehired by her directors, one of Sheilagh’s breaks took her to doctoring, and she is an expert in functional health with a private Manhattan practice. Her patients excitedly expect reschedules for auditions and jobs. Sheilagh’s ridden camels, danced with Maasai, swum with sea turtles and manta rays, emceed her summer camp talent show when 7, has sat with mountain gorillas and men with guns, spent time with shamans, makes good medicine, has driven cross-country in a 20’ truck, has peeked at the aurora borealis, laughs with the devil, has driven the PCH from LA to SF in a convertible, has fallen off 30’ waterfalls, thinks Big Sur may very well be heaven on earth, and has been in love with videographer filmmaker Cayce Crown since 1987, whom she married at City Hall on New Year’s Eve 2015, because she finally could. Kindness and humor chronically vie for first place on her Most Important List of Life.