Tadeusz Von MoltkeActor

More than one hundred million viewers worldwide have been touched by Tad’s singular performance in the DJ Khaled/Jay Z/Future music video “I Got the Keys”. Selected for a principal role by EPIC RECORDS Creative Director Sam (Samantha) Lecca, he was given a place of honor in this anti-mass-incarceration anthem as the only Caucasian prisoner “on the right side of the bars”. Immediately upon its release the video was nominated for Best Video at The BET Awards, and both the single song and the Grammy-nominated album the video it supports are now Platinum sellers.
Television audiences on both sides of The Atlantic who follow NBC-TV’s THE BLACKLIST savor his portrayal of a Russian crime czar, a co-starring role in which he was cast by director Terrence O’Hara.
For Samsung and Punchdrunk International, Kathy Duggan and Hector Harkness chose him for the male lead in the cutting edge virtual reality movie/live experience THE MAN FROM THE SHADOWS. Tad was live nstage for upwards of two hundred performances, with the virtual reality movie a runaway sensation of more than a thousand airings at the Samsung Expo Center in NYC
2018 is a season of noteworthy American and New York Premieres for Tad.
In January, he debuted at DIXON PLACE, opening 2018 QT: RAINBOWS ACROSS THE DIASPORA reading series opened a preview of his solo performance piece THE HOLLYWOOD ADRIANA: A Cautionary Tale of Damaged Good. Named by METROSOURCE magazine as one of The Top FIVE LGBT Events of the week, it will have its formal Premiere in October as part of NYC’s UNITED SOLO THEATRE FESTIVAL on Theatre Row.
At the invitation of the composer, he will be featured soloist in the American Premiere of Thea Musgrave’s epic choral drama, THE VOICES OF OUR ANCESTORS, delivering the four-minute Vedic Creation Hymn at the start of the thirty-two-minute piece. This gala 90th birthday tribute concert in New York City will also see him as actor in the New York Premieres of two dramatic episodes from her operas SIMON BOLIVAR and HARRIET, THE WOMAN CALLED MOSES
Three heroes of the Nazi Resistance and The Holocaust, Bertolt Brecht, Hanns Eisler, and Viktor Ullmann, will be the focus of his concert series DREI HEIMKEHRER (The Three Who Came Home). The pinnacle event will be The American Premiere of Ullmann’s setting of Rainer Maria Rilke’s prose poem THE LAY OF THE LOVE AND DEATH OF CORNET CHRISTOPH RILKE, a 40-minute tour de force for solo actor.
Continuing in development is AS I AM, his collaboration with award-winning Norwegian dancer/choreographer Brynjar Abel Bandlien, a multi-disciplinary two-man performance piece which demonstrates that theatrical time is real time.
Tad made history in the area of cultural exchange by working closely with Venice’s Teatro La Fenice Artistic Director italo Gomez, the Italian Consulates, and the Ministry of Tourism, to bring more than three hundred American performers to thirteen theatres for the Carnival of Venice: New York In Italia.
Numerous Debut Artist, Best Actor, and Best Director Awards add lustre to his resume. Whether directing, producing, or appearing in operas, concerts, and musicals in The United States and Europe, his work is known for rigorous standards of discipline and truthfulness, and exceptional visual beauty. Tad is honored to have trained with music and theatre legends Robert Rounseville, Lehman Engel, and Uta Hagen