Bobby James Evers is a native Long Islander. Growing up he was always drawn to stories about people. While many kids were watching cartoons, he was watching dramatic films and loved breaking down meaning of songs. Soon thereafter Bobby became interested in another passion which was athletics. He found that he excelled in Basketball and Baseball and received an athletic scholarship to play division one baseball. While attending that college, he was approached by a director friend to be in his play. “The feeling I had being on that stage was exactly the same feeling I would get right before I would pitch a baseball game”. “I loved it!”

Bobby went on to complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education and went on to teach HS Health and Physical Education. He finally realized it was time to return to his true passion of acting. Since his return, he has booked both TV and film roles. His latest role is playing the character of Ricky Glasses opposite Robert Davi and Chuck Zito in the independent film “Mott Haven”.

Bobby and his wife Heather have two daughters and reside in Long Island, New York. His wife Heather is an accomplished Chamber Vocalist and part of the group “Voci Da Camera”