Luca’s natural sensitivity and talent for arts started to be visible since the earlier time of his life. In fact at the age of six he naturally develops a passion for painting and drawing. After some classical studies at the Higher Institute of Art in Naples (Italy) he then discovered a book that will radically change his life and his choices: Kafka’s masterpiece “The Metamorphosis”. He then realized that he was overwhelmed by understanding what the book’s protagonist expresses: so Luca clearly understood that to act is what he was craving to do, more than anything else. To constantly improve his skills, he attended various professional acting workshops along with the study of some important techniques of body expression, mime and dance. His first professional experience as an actor is with the awarded film Antonio Capuano at sixteen years old. Than Luca was cast as the lead role in two independent movies “Capo Nord” in the role of Fofo’ and the character of Nunzio in ” I cinghiali di portici” He then found a good agent who has assisted in moving forward his exciting career. Acclaimed actor of theater, cinema and television, Luca became extremely popular – in Italy – when he first joined in 2007 (playing it for many years) the role of Pietro Maio in the super famous RAI3 soap opera “Un posto al sole” (A place in the sun). Luca then went on to do several television roles including the character Ciro in “La Squadra” RAI3 a criminal with an imaginative and intelligent theft ring. He also played a comedic role of Vittorio Grimaldi in “7 vite come I gatti” RAI2 where Luca portrayed a salesman of comical proportions. Since then his career has been definitely rewarding and successful. In 2005 he was nominated for the David di Donatello (the Italian equivalent of the American Oscars) for his role in the film “Lo Guarracino”. In 2006 and 2007 he played in the classic lyric operas “Le nozze di Figaro” and “Don Giovanni” both directed by the awarded director Mario Martone. In 2010 he participates to the original TV drama series named “Barbara ed io” (Barbara and I) directed by Raffaele Esposito. In the same year he receives several awards for playing the role of a homeless character in a movie directed Roberto Polito. In 2011 Luca received the prominent Premio Oscar dei giovani, Giornata d’Europa. In 2012 He won the prestigious “Roberto Rossellini” Acting Award and Best Actor award of the Napoli Cultural Classic 2012. Since 2013 Luca is successfully living and working in the Los Angeles, CA. He is also co-protagonist in the upcoming original TV series “Bruna in Beverly Hills”.