When asked about his acting, Alex Montaldo compares himself to “a man who fell to earth.” He was drawn to acting through his love of make believe and his fascination with invented personas like Bowie’s, and he has tried to take on very varied roles in order to explore these. His formal studies began in 2008, when he was offered a full scholarship in acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, Conservatory Program in New York City.
Alex’s most recent TV credits include the role of Fred on CBS All Access ‘One Dollar’ and the role of Keith on USA Network ‘Mr. Robot’.
He has acted in numerous theater productions, including ‘Zero Hour’, directed by Tea Alagic, ‘Guns, Shackles, Winter Coats’, and ‘La Revolution’ at Symphony Space and Mint Theater, NYC, ‘Split Screen’ at Hellen Mills Theater in NYC and Let Live Theater in Los Angeles.
In 2017, Alex played the lead role of Joe Bonaparte in a very well received Off-Broadway production of Clifford Odets ‘Golden Boy’. In 2016, he took on the role of Phillip in Lyle Kessler’s ‘Orphans’. These plays were directed by screenwriter and playwright Aaron Latham (‘Urban Cowboy’, ‘The Program’, ‘Perfect’) and director Graydon Gund, and staged in New York City.
Alex’s film credits include “Portraits in Dramatic Time,” produced by the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, with William H. Macy, Lili Taylor and Liev Shreiber, and the lead role in ‘The Will’, Norwegian/American feature film with a New York Cast, released in 2014 in the US and Europe.
Alex will play the lead role of Johnny Martinez, a young actor diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, in the upcoming feature film “In the Ring”, written by Aaron Latham and Jeff Musillo.
Alex has been following his passion for music since he was eleven years old. His band KID and The Pagans released its first single ‘Pagan Love’ in 2017 (available on Spotify, I-Tunes and Amazon Music).
Alex is an avid swimmer, kayaker and boxer as well as a regular fixture on Santa Monica beach volleyball courts. A few years ago, he fell in love with boxing, and is certified as a stage fighter in several forms. He is also a staunch supporter of animal rights and animal welfare, has participated in drama therapy programs for psychiatric patients, and most recently co-founded stoPD (Support and Training to Overcome Parkinson’s disease), a bi-coastal non-profit organization that provides physical training, art programs and support for people with Parkinson’s. Alex is an advocate for the importance of intense exercise in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, and his organization collaborates with the National Parkinson’s Foundation, HollyRod Foundation and many Hospitals and Movement Disorder Centers in both New York and Los Angeles.