Robert is a proud native of Belize where he was forced onto the stage at age 7. Many school plays and cultural presentations later, he moved to New York City to study computer science at Fordham University. After being cast in a play in his first semester, he transferred to the theater department and never looked back. His extensive credits include regional drama and musicals, film/TV, educational touring theatre and downtown experimental pieces which still leave his friends scratching their heads.

Robert earned his MFA in Classical Theatre from Illinois State University. The poster child for diversity in casting, he performed roles such as Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Michael in Dancing at Lughnasa, John in Oleanna, Sir Robert Cecil in Elizabeth Rex and a bunch of dusty noblemen usually played by white guys at ISU and the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.

Back in New York City, Robert busies himself shooting ads, commercials and hilarious segments for Louie, Late Night with Seth Meyers and a new Adult Swim show.